Australian Wagyu Beef Slice from OSAWA ENTERPISES Sydney

Often called the most expensive beef in the world, Japanese Wagyu is famous for its unsurpassed quality and taste.

Appearing on more fine dining menus and gourmet meat-lovers’ tables across Australia, there is a growing demand for this luxurious product.

What makes it so highly prized? Here are three reasons why Japanese Wagyu is so exclusive.

1. Unique to Japan

Unique to Japan and once declared a national living treasure, the full-blood Wagyu breeds are as exclusive as cattle get.

Highly regulated from breeding to exporting, Japanese Wagyu production is a closely guarded process.

To protect the bloodlines, only the very best cattle with proven Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn and Japanese Polled genetics are chosen for breeding.

This exclusivity makes them among the most expensive beef in the world to raise and, of course, eat, according to Kimio Osawa, Founder of Osawa Enterprises.

“The cost of raising these cattle is expensive and the cost of feeding these cattle is expensive,” he said.

With a strictly limited number of cattle raised per year, Japanese Wagyu production is heavily controlled to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

2. Proven authenticity

One of the most prized features of Japanese Wagyu is the cattle’s pure ancestry.

Each animal can be traced for generations, and this lineage is proven when wholesalers like Osawa Enterprises import this product to Australia.

Every imported cut comes with paperwork proving it is authentic full-blood Wagyu.

According to Kimio, this paperwork provides an individual identification number which shows each animal’s history, from birth to slaughter in Japan.

“At Osawa Enterprises, when you buy A5 Kobe beef, which is the highest rated and most expensive of the Japanese Wagyu, we send you a copy of the certificate which includes the animal’s nose print,” Kimio said.

This proven authenticity makes it a premium product compared to other beef varieties.

3. Unrivalled taste

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous qualities of authentic Japanese Wagyu is its unrivalled taste.

Its heavy marbling creates an intense flavour, aroma and tenderness which is nothing short of remarkable.

It literally “melts in your mouth,” says Kimio and its “rich buttery taste is like no other beef you will experience.”

He said that in Japan, this unforgettable taste is described as, “a distinctive flavour that comes through your nose.”

Before being butchered, each individual animal is graded according to the Japanese beef grading system which considers yield and quality.

“A5 is the highest mark Wagyu can score, which makes it the most expensive,” Kimio said.

As for the taste: “It’s like eating butter. It’s that tender,” he said.

If you’re yet to try this exclusive beef, order your authentic full-blood Japanese Wagyu from Osawa Enterprises today.