This is the real deal. Authentic wagyu. Japanese wagyu. Wagyu bred, fed, grown and slaughtered in Japan. Perfectly cut ruby red flesh interlaced with white marbled fat. The A5 wagyu, known in the meat business as the Rolls-Royce of beef. The A5 grading is a Japanese system – the A meaning the carcass yield is the highest possible and the numeric rating relating to beef marbling, colour and brightness of the flesh, its texture and colour, lustre and fat quality. A5 is the highest mark wagyu can score. In Japan A5 beef is so highly regarded it is given as corporate gifts, for special occasions, sold only in exclusive department stores and eaten by middle class Japanese perhaps once every few years.



Wagyu cows from selected bloodlines in Japan began producing progeny in the mid 1990’s in Australia. The most prevalent bloodlines originated from the provinces of Tajima, Tottori, Shimane & Okayama. These provinces are close together on the main island of HONSHU near Osaka