Buying Waygu Beef from OSAWA ENTERPRISES

If you like the finer things in life, then you’ll love Japanese Wagyu beef, the worlds most expensive beef.

It is a taste experience like no other.

Wagyu has extremely rich, buttery flavours that melt in your mouth. It is a flavoursome meat, high in monosaturated fats, and is prized for its exceptional meat quality.

In Japan, Wagyu is given out as corporate gifts and only eaten by middle-class families once every few years.

Here are three reasons why Japanese Wagyu is the worlds most expensive beef.

Strict standards

Wagyu translates as ‘Japanese cow’ and is a breed of cattle unique to Japan.

Farmers see it as their mission to protect the integrity and purity of their cow’s genetics. Wagyu strains were isolated to preserve the quality of the cattle.

Producing Wagyu beef in Japan is highly regulated. Only the best genetics (regularly tested) are used for breeding.

Each exported meat delivery comes with a certificate of authenticity and a nose print from the cow (you can’t get more exclusive than that).

The most prevalent bloodlines are from Tajima, Tottori, Shimane and Okayama.

Unmatched quality

Wagyu is graded on yield (how much beef is obtained from the cow, from A to C) and quality (best marbling, texture and quality of fat, from 5 to 1).

A5 Wagu – which has more beef, and is higher in monosaturated fats – is the Mercedes-Benz of beef.

Before Japanese Wagyu entered the Australian market, the meat grading system went from 0-6.

Now, with Wagyu’s high marbling and superior quality, it goes up to 9.

Only the finest restaurants will stock it

Japanese Wagyu can retail for as much as $500 per kilo.

And because of it’s quality and exclusive supply in small amounts to the Australian market (after Australia lifted its ban on Japanese beef this year), you’ll only find Wagyu on the menu in top-class restaurants.

It’s a wonderful time to try Wagyu. You’ll be one of the few Australians to taste the real deal, straight from Japan.

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