Cooking Wagyu Beef by OSAWA ENTERPRISES

So, you’ve got a piece of tender Japanese Wagyu steak.

You want to impress your family or your mates, or perhaps you simply want to cook just for yourself? 

With such a high-quality piece of meat, I’m sure you want to cook it just right.

You want to bring out those rich, delicious flavours, and saviour the melt-in-your-mouth meaty taste.

I’ve been working with Japanese Wagyu for the past 18 years while running Osawa Enterprises.

Today, I thought I’d share my own personal way of cooking Wagyu steak. You probably haven’t come across this method of cooking meat before. I invite you to try it for yourself!

Here’s my five-step guide to cooking your Wagyu to perfection.

1) Take out meat from the fridge. Leave the steak at room temperature for one hour.

2) Boil water. In a shallow bowl, mix 50% boiling water, 50% tap water and stir. Amount should be enough to cover your steak. Put meat in a plastic bag (or similar to cover) and dip it in water for ten minutes. This will partially cook the steak inside.

3) Take hot pan and sear meat for one minute on each side.

4) Once cooked, wrap steak in aluminium foil for three minutes.

5) Eat and enjoy!

For many Australians, this will be a new method of cooking steak. Please try the above method and share your results on our Osawa Enterprises Facebook page or Instagram pages.

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