Prime cuts of Japanese Wagyu Beef

I don’t live in Sydney. Can I buy online?

We can send your order by air within a couple of business days. But you have to pick up your order from the airport. Extra freight will be approximately $25-50 per order.

Is all wagyu Halal certified?

Most Australian wagyu beef is Halal certified but not Japanese wagyu beef.

Can I use my 10% coupon for special offers?

No. The 10% discount coupon applies to items that aren’t already on sale. But you can shop our wide range of Australian and Japanese Wagyu!

What cut is the best for steak?

We recommend Tenderloin and Rump Cap for Japanese wagyu beef. Striploin and rib-eye are also really good for steak. If the marbling score is 11 or above, some customers find it too fatty.

How long can I keep my meat in the fridge?

If vacuum-packed, your meat will last within five to seven days. If it is not vacuum-packed, please eat within two days. If you decide to freeze it, we recommend using a Ziplock back to make it airtight, then put it in the freezer. Vacuum packed meat is ok to keep it in the freezer.

Can I request the thickness of my steak?

Yes you can request it. Please email our customer service team for special requests (info@osawaenterprises.com.au). You can choose Karubi and for thinly sliced meat.

When will I get notified about my delivery date?

Our customer service team will contact you within two business days, but expect slightly longer if you place your order on Friday evening.

Do you export to other countries outside of Australia?


Do I get a certificate of authenticity for all Japanese wagyu beef?

Yes. If necessary, please request it. We don’t send it if you order thinly sliced meat or Karubi slice.