Australian Wagyu Rump Cap Steak Set (1.2kg)

$100.00 $80.00

Experience the best of Australian Wagyu with this steak set curated by Kimio Osawa, Wagyu Master.

You will receive 4 X 300g Wagyu Rump Cap Steaks giving you a total of 1.2kg of Premium Australian Wagyu for just $80.

Each steak in the pack is from a different Australian Wagyu farm, giving you an opportunity to decide which is your favourite!

Rangers valley MBS5+
Jacks Creek MBS8-9
Oakey MBS7+
Black Opal MBS9+

Free Japanese Steak Sauce with every order.

NOTES: 1 order per person | 10 orders per day |RESTOCKED DAILY AT 9 AM

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Wagyu Rump Cap Steak
Australian Wagyu Rump Cap Steak Set (1.2kg)

$100.00 $80.00