About Kimio

Osawa Enterprises was founded in 2000 by Master Japanese Butcher, Kimio Osawa. Kimio worked with the Japan Agriculture Co-operative for 7 years looking after Japanese farmers with a speciality in livestock. During this time Kimio Osawa became incredibly passionate about Wagyu and the many farmers across Japan marrying tradition and innovation to produce the worlds most famous (and expensive) beef. 

Through many years of dedication and experience Kimio Osawa  can execute over 110 different  beef cuts lines and techniques with his mastery as a Japanese Butcher. 

When it comes to Japanese Wagyu in Australia Kimio Osawa is the leading Japanese Wagyu beef expert across Australia and New Zealand. In fact no other supplier has such a wide range of high quality  Australian and Japanese Wagyu to choose from. 

Fun Fact: You’ve probably already eaten our Wagyu!

Osawa Enterprises supply Japanese and Australian Wagyu to 1000+ Cafe’s Restaurants and Fine Dining venues across Sydney and Melbourne. 

Join Kimio Osawa on his wagyu adventures on YouTube where you can learn about different cuts, follow recipes to cook at home or go with Kimio to some of the best Wagyu Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. 



Our Vision 2021 – 2023

A vivid vision to “Grow Together” 


Our vision is to be the leading brand providing premium Australian and Japanese Wagyu and Japanese cuisine to industry and online customers across Australasia. 

Our Mission

We thrive on our client’s gratitude, happiness and smiles. So much so that we want more of them all the time. Our mission is to spread gratitude, happiness and smiles to foodies across Australasia. By sourcing the best, most delicious local and international produce and providing a leading customer experience we aim to create a ripple effect that reaches beyond our customers to impact people we’ve never served before as well. By being aspirational, taking pride in ourselves and sharing a never ending desire TO GROW TOGETHER with peers, clients and community we can attain our vision.

Our core values

Our ideology is to go extra miles beyond our client expectations. 

No matter what products or services we provide to our client. Our core principle is that we take bold initiatives and that we audaciously assist our clients in a professional manner that goes beyond their expectations. We do this by being: 

  • Proud
  • Aspirational 
  • Respectful
  • Unique 
  • Inventive

Our culture

Our organization embodies innovation. We are proactive in sourcing the most delicious and highly regarded produce locally and abroad and then we prioritize taking good care of our clients and lead the way in providing a superior client experience. 

Our core mindset and framework is agile like a small organization, but our capability is unbounded and scalable like a big organization. 

We honour our small and humble origins with our family environment but we act bold and challenge ourselves as a big organization.

Our brand and products

Our brand penetration for our client and prospects will significantly expand every year. It will crush all our competitors, Osawa Enterprises will be the benchmark in our industry.

Our product range will organically diversify, driven by our long term commercial and individual clients and fulfilling their needs and  interests. 

Our organization will play a major role in distributing all Japanese food for the Australian market. 

Our authenticity, aspiration and strong market presence will lead the whole market with premium produce and products sourced both locally and internationally.

We explore all new and value added products for our clients, our core principles are innovation and endlessly finding our client needs and wants consciously and unconsciously.

Commitment to community

We permeate our philosophy to support our community in our everyday work. We engage our community of farmers, suppliers, restaurants and individual customers to create unique shared experiences that spread gratitude, happiness and smiles to everyone who loves food. We  GROW TOGETHER to fulfil our audacious goal and help our community fulfil theirs.